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For uMMORPG3d , uMMORPG2d and uSurvival!


· Import into a blank uMMORPG3d project of the latest available version.
· Use AddOn version and matching Tools version, most recent versions of both are always recommended.



Use to Track Ingame Bugs to a Trello Board!
Note in the pro versions screenshots can be attached


Step 1


First you will need to get your Trello Application Key from
Save the Key code in a .txt.
The picture shows what you should be seeing,
below where your Key code
should be,Click on “Token” and we are going to
generate one.

Step 2


Next we need to Allow the app to use the Trello Account

Step 3


Now we move all Objects from the folder [DragToCanvas] in our Canvas
I recommend to drag it under Login

Step 4


Now we have to select the TrelloObject in our Canvas and typ in our Keys

Videos (not fully up to date)


Additional Information


Version History


First Release

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