Created and maintained by Fhiz – for both personal and commercial projects, not for sharing or re-sale
For uMMORPG3d only – not supported on uMMORPG2d or uSurvival unless noted otherwise!


· Import into a blank uMMORPG3d project of the latest available version.
· Use AddOn version and matching Tools version, most recent versions of both are always recommended.



Allows you to create ammunition based skills that require a specific weapon, specific ammunition type and ammo amount. 
Ammo is deducted with each skill use. As uMMORPG is all skill based, this AddOn modifies skills, not items.

Importend Information

Do not keep a duplicate skill of the same name and use only one Resources folder in your project.



Move the "Mana Shot" Skill from this AddOns Resources to
Skills folder into your projects main Resources > Skills folder.


You can create new skills via the context menu Skills > Ammo based target Projectile


Edit your default Archer prefab and add the skill,
that comes with this AddOn to it default Skills.


Play the game using the Archer and to use the Mana Shot skill, it will deplete a Mana Potion with each shot.

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