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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:None
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


Allows the creation of community quests that can permanently change the gameworld.


  1. [Required] You must use UCE QUESTS AddOn, otherwise it won’t work.
  2. [Required] You will have to install several other UCE AddOns in order to unlock the full potential of this AddOn.
  3. [Required] Move the “World Events” folder to your projects “Resources” folder and do not keep any duplicates around.
  4. [Required] Create a new “World Event” or edit the default one.
  5. [Required] Create a new UCE Quest or edit the new “World Events” section on a existing quest, add your world event to it.
  6. [Required] Check the “Interaction Requirements” on the many UCE AddOns out there and look for the new “World Event” section, add the “World Event” you just edited to it.


  • Each World Event holds a list of “Threshold Data” that can feature any number of entries.
  • Each of those data entries is checked when the world event counter is increased or decreased.
  • The data entries are checked from top to bottom, if a event “Stops Further Threshold Checks” all subsequent entries will be ignored.
  • The power of a “World Event” lies in the way you combine it with other AddOns that make use of “UCE Interaction Requirements”. You will have to explore the existing AddOns and see where there are new “World Event Requirements”. For example on UCE Teleporter, Spawner, Hazard Floor, Npc Restrictions, Harvest Nodes and so on – all of those objects can now require a “World Event”.
  • If you want to create objects that appear/dis-appear based on a “World Event”, take a look at the free “Networked Switch” AddOn. Add the “Activateable Object” component to any game object and it will feature a “World Event” section in order to make it appear/dis-appear.
  • A World Event is not limited to a single quest, multiple quests can increase and/or decrease a World Event counter. This allows for very interesting setups.

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