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Version: 2019.100 Requirements:uMMORPG2d, Tools, Character CreationScript Define: _IMMOUNLOCKABLECLASSES
Core Changes:YesTutorial Video:No


Limits the available classes at character creation. Adds items to the game that unlock additional classes. When the item is used, the new class is unlocked for the whole account.

Core Changes

  1. [Required] Open the following script NetworkManagerMMO.cs. See Changes...

    Locate this line:
    Utils.InvokeMany(typeof(NetworkManagerMMO), this, "OnServerLogin_", message);

    Modify to match:

    Utils.InvokeMany(typeof(NetworkManagerMMO), this, "OnServerLogin_", conn, message);


  1. [Required] Make sure “Character Creation” AddOn is installed, up to date and fully functional. As “Unlockable Classes” AddOn depends on “Character Creation” AddOn.
  2. [Required] Check the scriptable object that is already contained in this AddOn and add all default classes you want to be available at the beginning of a new account.
  3. [Required] Locate the “NetworkManager” in your scene and assign that scriptable object to the new slot labelled with the “Unlockable Classes” header.
  4. [Required] Now create a new item “Unlockable Class” and assign a class prefab to it. Whenever a player uses such an item, the new class will be available on his/her account.
  5. [Required] When using “Auto Register Spawnables” AddOn, make sure your spawnable prefabs list is empty and all prefabs are in your Resources->Entity folder
  6. [Required] When not “Auto Register Spawnables” AddOn, make sure all of your player classes are added to the spawnable list of your Network Manager.
  7. [Required] Make sure that the amount of class buttons in the “Character Creation UI” matches the total number of classes in your game. So when there are 8 classes and only 4 default classes, you still add a total of 8 buttons. Make sure all buttons are correctly linked to the inspector of the “Character Creation UI”.
  8. [Required] When using UMA note that it might overwrite the changes this AddOn does to the Network Manager and Network Messages (please help yourself in that case).


  • Make sure to delete the default “AddOnExample.cs” in the uMMORPG3d AddOn folder – it will cause issues (you won’t need it – ever)!
  • Also make sure to re-assign your player prefabs to the default unlockable classes template, also do so everytime you update this AddOn

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