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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:None
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


This AddOn allows you to spawn Monsters dynamically into your scene. This saves you from placing dozens of Monsters inside your game world by hand and helps you distributing and populating your gameworld.


  1. [Required] Simply import this AddOn to install it.
  2. [Required] Choose one of the available spawner types and add it your scene, edit in the inspector.
  3. [Optional] The Inspector settings are very powerful, too much to explain them all here. Just play with the various settings. Also see the notes below.
  4. [Required] Make sure you add all spawned objects to your network manager spawnable prefabs list.


  • Start Spawner – a simple spawner that triggers only once when the server is launched. This is useful to pre-populate your areas and can also be used to spawn scenery (as long as it’s a network identity game object).

  • Fixed Spawner – another simple spawner that triggers, when a player enters the spawning area. It spawns a fixed number of objects at a fixed position each. Can be used for almost anything including Monsters and even NPCs (to dynamically populate towns).

  • Mob Spawner – the most versatile spawner and intended to be used for monster spawns. Spawns a random number of random game objects at a random position within the spawn areas radius.

  • Wave Spawner – the most complex and CPU/RAM intense spawner. Similar to the mob spawner but can also spawn configureable “waves” of enemies in a row. Ideal for quests and boss fights, just don’t use too many of them in one scene.

    • More Wave Spawner Details:
    • You can basically spawn any kind of prefab with this AddOn, but it is recommended to only spawn prefabs that are based on the uMMORPG entity class (e.g. Monsters).
    • All spawnable prefabs must be added to your NetworkManager spawnable prefabs list first. Go to your scene, NetworkManager, its inspector and check the spawnable prefabs list.
    • In the Inspector: Make sure to check either “triggerOnServerLaunch” or “triggerOnPlayerEnter” or both. Also make sure your object list does contain objects and that those objects are in the spawnable prefabs list of your network manager.
    • You can also spawn monsters at a different location when entering an area. See “spawn destinations” in the inspector. Those targets should be UCE spawn areas or any game object with a sphere collider on it (as the script requires a radius to work properly).
    • It is possible to create waves of spawns as well, even with trigger conditions.
    • Edit all other settings to your liking, see hover tooltips for more information.

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