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Unity can act weird at times, especially when using lots of assets in one project. My AddOns for example use “Scripting Define Symbols” a lot, in order to detect if another AddOn is installed or not.

Sometimes, this causes a lockup as Unity is looking for such a “Scripting Define Symbol” before the AddOn had a chance to add it (thats usually a red error in the console log). In that case, its always a good idea to clear your Scripting Define Symbols.

After this has been done, most of the weird errors usually dis-appear.

  • Go to your Player Settings via the Menu:
    Edit -> Project Settings -> Player
  • Look for the “Scripting Define Symbols” section in your Player Settings.
  • Select all the text, delete it. And afterwards press Return, Unity will now rebuild all Scripting Define Symbols.

See attached Images.

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