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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:None
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:Yes


Adds a new range of projectile skills to uMMORPG3d that offer a lot more flexibility for skill design and projectile effects.


  1. [Required] Create a Skill via the context menu and edit it’s settings.
  2. [Required] Add a new Animator State and Parameter for your skill.



  • If the textures on the sample projectiles show up in pink, please either install unity standard assets or replace them by using a effect pack from the asset store
  • Ballistic and Collider Projectiles require you to set Physics layer: “Monster VS. Ignore Raycast” to true (check the box in Physics Layer settings)
  • When using a muzzle or impact skill effect, you also have to add a “OneTimeTargetSkillEffect” component to it (like in default uMMORPG).
  • All important settings are on the Skill itself, you only edit those. Only edit the projectile prefabs if you want to change how they look.
  • The projectile skill is fully functional with all “UCE projectile” prefabs.
  • To create a new projectile type, simply duplicate one of the “UCE projectile” prefabs.
  • ArrowProjectile – functions like a ranged skill in uMMORPG with extra options but no physics. Destroyed on Impact. Low Network Traffic & Calculations.
  • ColliderProjectile – a physics based projectile with a collider. Allows for penetration projectiles. Destroyed after travelled distance/lifetime. Medium-High Network Traffic & Calculations.
  • BallisticProjectile – A physics based projectile with a collider. Allows for penetration projectiles & arced fly-path. Destroyed after travelled distance/lifetime. High Network Traffic & Calculations.

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