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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:None
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


This is an adaption of the original warehouse script by Cioa. It adds a character based “Warehouse” to the game. This allows players to store items and gold outside of the regular inventory. Supports both SQLite and mySQL.


  1. [Required] Add UCE_UI_PlayerWarehouseUpgradePanel to your canvas
  2. [Required] Add UCE_UI_PlayerWarehouse to your canvas
  3. [Required] Assign gold inventory text value on UCE_UI_PlayerWarehouse
  4. [Required] Assign player warehouse upgrade panel on UCE_UI_PlayerWarehouse
  5. [Required] Attach UCE_UI_NpcPlayerWarehouseDialogue to NpcDialogue in canvas
  6. [Required] Add ButtonPlayerWarehouse to NpcDialogue Buttons
  7. [Required] Assign all properties in UCE_UI_NpcPlayerWarehouseDialogue
  8. [Required] Check OffersPlayerWarehouse on any Npc
  9. [Required] Edit both Item Storage and Gold Storage, as well as Upgrade Cost on the new Warehouse Config scriptable object.
  10. [Required] Assign the Warehouse Config scriptable object to each one of your player prefabs.


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