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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:None
Core Changes:YesTutorial Video:No


Adds the ability to loot all items from a corpse by clicking a button.

Core Changes

  1. [Required] Open the following script UILoot.cs. See Changes...

    Locate this line:
    public void Show() { panel.SetActive(true); }

    Modify to match:

    public void Show() 


  1. [Required] Apply all core changes.
  2. [Required] Add a Button to your Loot object in the scene hierarchy.
  3. [Required] Add all Scripts from the scripts folder to your Loot object.
  4. [Required] Assign your new Button to the Loot All slot on your Loot object.


  • A Unity restart is required after installation to override the original loot window metadata.

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