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Version: 2019.100 Requirements:uMMORPG2d, ToolsScript Define:_IMMOHONORSHOP
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


A new type of shop that can be added to Npcs. It is based on the Item Mall and allows filterable categories with varying prices. Instead of gold or coins, this shop uses new, customizable currencies like crystals, pvp badges, tokens (whatever). Monsters, Players and even Pets can reward these new currencies, but only do so if certain criteria are met (like only monsters of hostile realms). This allows you to create Honor Shops, Guild Shops, PvP Shops and more!


  1. [Required] Add the “Resources > UCE Currencies” folder to your projects main Resources via drag-n-drop.
  2. [Required] Do not keep duplicate objects of the same name and use only one Resources folder in your project.
  3. [Required] Add everything in “Prefabs [Add to Canvas]” to your Canvas via drag-n-drop.
  4. [Required] Make sure not to put them into another object.
  5. [Required] In your Canvas, unfold everything in NpcDialoge until you see the list of buttons.
  6. [Required] Add the button from “Prefabs [Add to Canvas – NpcDialogue – Buttons]” to the list of buttons via drag-n-drop.
  7. [Required] Attach the script in “Scripts [Attach to Canvas – NpcDialogue as new Component]” to the NpcDialogue Game Object itself in the Canvas.
  8. [Required] Assign all three properties on that script. Where “Panel” is NpcDialoguePanel (thats the child panel, not the parent panel), “Honor Shop Button” is your freshly added button and “Npc Shop Panel” is “UCE_UI_HonorShop” (thats the child panel, not the parent panel).
  9. [Optional] Edit the Honor Shop Costs of Items in your projects Resources > Items folder.
  10. [Optional] Edit Monsters, Players, Pets to grant Honor Shop currency.
  11. [Optional] Edit or add new currencies by editing or adding scriptable items.
  12. [Optional] Add the new Honor Currency Button to your players inventory, next to the trash slot and link it to the currencies window.



  • Keep in mind that all Entities can drop Honor Currency, that includes Players and their Pets.
  • Items can have more than one Honor Currency cost and will appear in multiple categories, this also allows multiple prices/ways of purchasing an item.
  • Edit your currencies settings to use this AddOn to its full potential. Especially the sharing options allow you to create PVP rewards that are shared with your realm members.
  • Note that currencies are only shared to online members of the specific groups.
  • Unlocks more features when combined with my PVP Zones AddOn.
  • Check “From Hostile Realms only” to reward Honor currency only from entities that are not your realm or allied realm (requires PVP AddOn).
  • Interlocks with many of my other AddOns to unlock new functionality, most notably: Quests & Friendship System
  • If you check multiple “shareWith” settings on a honor currency, it will be shared multiple times and result in a higher total currency gain (otherwise it would be unfair, example: share to party & guild but youre not in a guild currently – you would also NOT receive the party share if it would be that up that way).

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