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Version: 2019.201 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:_IMMOHARVESTING
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


This AddOn will add both a Profession as well a Harvesting system to your game. You can now place ResourceNodes in your scene that your players can harvest in order to gain valueable items. You can create different professions, that allow to harvest various items from resource nodes on the map. Each player can have multiple professions, that can be learned from items. Each profession has a certain level that allow the player to collect items from various Resource Nodes.


  1. [Required] Add everything in “Prefabs [Add to Canvas]” to your Canvas via drag-n-drop.
  2. [Required] Make sure not to put them into another object.
  3. [Required] Move everything from this AddOns “Resources > Items” folder into your projects main Resources > Items folder.
  4. [Required] Do not keep duplicate objects of the same name and use only one Resources folder in your project.
  5. [Required] Add the “Resources > UCE Professions” folder to your projects main Resources via drag-n-drop.
  6. [Required] Do not keep duplicate objects of the same name and use only one Resources folder in your project.
  7. [Required] Now select each one of your player prefabs, one after another and do the following steps:
  8. [Required] A. Open the Animator and copy-paste the basic attack animation state and rename it.
  9. [Required] B. Add another Parameter to your parameter list on the left side of the Animator window and call it HARVESTING, make a transition from any state to your freshly created animation state.
  10. [Required] Back to this AddOns “Prefabs [Add to Scene]” folder, add the ResourceNode to your scene via drag-n-drop.
  11. [Optional] Add a Miners Handbook as starting item, to a NPC shop or loot drop. Acquire that item in order to test.
  12. [Optional] Go near a Resource Node and click it to start mining. After its finished, when you are successful, click it again to collect the harvested resources.
  13. [Optional] Edit the Resource Node for many additional options.



  • When editing the Resource Node, you will have to set a Required Profession on it’s interaction requirements, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Set Required Profession to one of your Harvest Professions (Miner, Botanist by default) and set the Min Profession Level to make the Node only accessible with a Profession of at least that level.
  • Set Increase Interaction Range to allow accessing the Resource Node from further away. This might be useful if you want to place a fish inside the middle of a pond.
  • Set Total Resources to any value higher than 0, to limit the available Resources. After being depleted, the Resource Node disappears and respawns again a bit later.
  • You can set any number of levels for Professions, the list starts with level 2. So the first list entry is the amount of harvesting Exp required to advance to profession level 2.

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