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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:None
Core Changes:YesTutorial Video:No


This is an adaption of the original warehouse script by Cioa. It adds a “Guild based warehouse” to the game. You must be in a Guild to access and only your guild members can deposit and withdraw items and gold to the warehouse. This allows players to share items across their guild members. You can use the original warehouse script in addition to this one, if you want.

Core Changes

  1. [Required] Open the following script Player.cs. See Changes...

    Locate this line:
        public void CmdLeaveGuild()
            // validate
            if (InGuild())
                GuildSystem.LeaveGuild(, name);

    Modify to match:

        public void CmdLeaveGuild()
            // validate
            if (InGuild()) {
                GuildSystem.LeaveGuild(, name);


  1. [Required] Add UCE_UI_GuildWarehouseUpgradePanel to your canvas
  2. [Required] Add UCE_UI_GuildWarehouse to your canvas
  3. [Required] Assign gold inventory text value on UCE_UI_GuildWarehouse
  4. [Required] Assign guild warehouse upgrade panel on UCE_UI_GuildWarehouse
  5. [Required] Attach UCE_UI_NpcGuildWarehouseDialogue to NpcDialogue in canvas
  6. [Required] Add “ButtonGuildWarehouse” to NpcDialogue Buttons
  7. [Required] Assign all properties in UCE_UI_NpcGuildWarehouseDialogue
  8. [Required] Check “OffersGuildWarehouse” on any Npc
  9. [Required] Edit both Item Storage and Gold Storage, as well as Upgrade Cost on the new “Warehouse Config” scriptable object.
  10. [Required] Assign the “Warehouse Config” scriptable object to each one of your player prefabs.



  • You edit the guild warehouse size and upgrades on your player prefabs. You must make sure that they are the same on ALL player prefabs who can be in the same guild, otherwise it will cause errors!

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