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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:_IMMOGUILDUPGRADES
Core Changes:YesTutorial Video:No


Allows the guild master or vice to upgrade the guild. Upgrading a guild increases member capacity and can reward the upgrading player with an item. The guild level can be used in all “UCE Interaction Requirements” to control access to teleporters etc. as well.

Core Changes

  1. [Required] Open the following script UITarget.cs. See Changes...

    Locate this line:
    player.guild.CanInvite(, &&

    Modify to match:

    player.UCE_CanInvite(, &&


  1. [Required] Do the Core Change as described above.
  2. [Required] Create a new “Guild Upgrades” Scriptable Object via the context menu and move it to your projects resources folder.
  3. [Required] Locate each one of your Player prefabs and assign the “Guild Upgrade” to it.
  4. [Required] Add the new “GuildUpgradePanel” your Canvas
  5. [Required] Add the new “GuildUpgradeButton” to the Npc Buttons in your Canvas
  6. [Required] Attach the Script in “Scripts [Attach to Canvas – NpcDialogue as new component]” to your NpcDialoge Script inside the canvas as a new component.
  7. [Required] Link all components in the freshly attached Script
  8. [Required] To test, create a guild and then upgrade the guild at a Npc that offers that service. Please note that there is no UI yet that shows the guild level to your players!

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