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Version: 2019.100 Requirements:uMMORPG2d, ToolsScript Define:_IMMOFRIENDS
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


A friendship system: Allows to add and remove friends. Invite friends to parties and/or guilds. Combine with Honor Shop to “hug” friends once every X hours. Hugging grants you a small bonus in form of a Currency (customizable). Is the hugged player online, he or she will receive also a bit of currency in return.

  • Add Friends/Remove friends via click on target or entering name (only when target is online)
  • Direct invite Friends to Parties
  • Direct invite Friends to Guilds
  • See online status, level, guild and class
  • Combine with my “Honor Shop” AddOn to allow “Hugging players” in order to gain a bit of honor currency


  1. [Required] Add everything from “UI [Drag to Canvas]” to your canvas.
  2. [Required] Add the button in “UI [Add to Canvas – Target Panel]” to “Canvas -> Target -> TargetPanel” position next to the buttons.
  3. [Required] Attach the script in “UI [Add to Canvas – Target as new component]” to “Canvas -> Target” and assign the new button to it.
  4. [Optional] Edit the “UCE Friendship” template in this AddOns “Prefabs” folder to your liking.
  5. It makes sense to have just one “UCE Friendship” object, you can create a new one via right-click menu if it gets lost. This object may remain in this folder, you don’t have to place it in resources folder!
  6. [Required] Assign the “UCE Friendship” template from this AddOns “Prefabs” folder to each one of your player prefabs in the new “UCE Friendship” section.



  • This AddOns most important feature is “Hugging” which is only available in combination with my “Honor Shop” AddOn!

    You can leave one of the two Honor Currency fields in the template empty, but not both. When both are empty the “Hugging” feature will be disabled.

    Player cannot remove friends after hugging, they will have to wait until the target can be hugged/removed again. Its either hugging or removing to prevent fraud.

    A hugged player can receive a different Currency/Amount than the hugging player!

    You can have multiple “UCE Friendship” templates and assign them to player prefabs. This will allow different classes to have varying kinds of Honor Currency.

    Note that there are some tokens like {0} in the editable text snippets, dont remove them! Those are replaced at runtime with names/values.

    Please note that most actions are only available when the other player is online – this is a uMMORPG3d asset limitation!

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