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Version: 2019.100 Requirements:uMMORPG2d, ToolsScript Define:_IMMOFACTIONS
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


The Faction System allows you to add faction rankings to Npcs, Monsters, Players and Quests. Every players faction ratings can increase and decrease while playing, by attacking monsters (players, pets) of specific factions and by fulfilling faction specific quests. The faction ratings can result in various restrictions.


  1. [Required] Add all objects from “Prefabs [Drag to Canvas]” to your Canvas.
  2. [Required] Do not place the new UI game objects inside another object.
  3. [Required] Create a new Folder “UCE Factions” in your projects main Resources folder.
  4. [Required] Create new factions or move the content from the Addons “UCE Factions” folder to your folder.
  5. [Required] Do not keep duplicates of any faction templates with the same name.
  6. [Optional] Edit your faction templates to your liking.
  7. [Optional] Edit your player prefabs starting factions, your monsters faction modifiers as well as their faction
  8. [Optional] See notes below for more use cases.



  • Players can show/hide the faction rating window by pressing “F”.
  • The faction ratings are separated into levels, you can edit them individually for each faction. Another way is to start with just one faction template and then duplicate it, if you want all faction levels to be the same.
  • You can add starting factions to your players and set the ratings as well. Each player prefab can have varying faction ratings.
  • Combine with my Npc Restrictions AddOn: Npcs won’t talk to the player anymore when a faction requirement is not met!
  • Combine with my PvP Zone AddOn: Add a faction to each monster to achieve the following:
  • When the monster is set to aggressive, it won’t attack the player – unless the players faction rating falls below the “Aggressive Threshold” of that faction.
  • When the monster is set to neutral, it will attack the player – when the players faction rating falls below the “Aggressive Threshold” of that faction.
  • There are 2 ways to influence the faction ratings of players: Kills (Monsters as well as other players and their pets) and Quests.
  • Combine with UCE Quests AddOn: Quests can now modify faction ratings on completion. Quests can also require a specific faction rating as quest target, this allows you to create faction rating based quests.
  • By default you can set a “faction modifier” on every player, pet and monster. The attackers faction ratings will be modified accordingly, when the monster is defeated.

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