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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:_IMMOELEMENTS
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


Adds elements, elemental attacks and elemental modifiers to entities, skills, buffs and equipment. This uses a rather simple but effective setup:

Attacks are marked with an element e.g. “Fire”
Attack damage is modified according to the targets “Fire Resistance”
Thats all, easy and effective.


  1. [Required] Install “UCE Attributes” AddOn first and do all core changes, it’s required!
  2. [Required]* Move the Elements Resources from this AddOns folder into your projects main Resources folder, make a new folder for Elements there.
    *Note: Do not keep a duplicate element of the same name and use only one Resources folder in your project.
  3. [Required] Assign the Elements Content on UCE_UI_CharacterInfo, found under PanelElements, called Elements.
  4. [Required] Assign the Elements Slot on UCE_UI_CharacterInfo, found under UCE_Attributes folder in prefabs, called UCE_ElementSlot.



  • Elements are internally limited to a maximum of 24 – if you want to have more, you have to change that number in UCE_Elements.Player.cs

  • Combine this AddOn with “UCE Attributes” in order to have your players elemental resistances displayed next to their attributes and stats. Take a look at the prefab and UI elements that ship with “UCE Attributes”.
    • You have to understand how the system works, its easy:
    • By default, all attacks deal 100% of their calculated damage
    • A elemental attack is compared to the targets elemental resistance of the same type
    • This allows the elemental attack to deal more or less damage based on the elemental resistance of the target
    • The sum of all equipment, buffs, attributes, skills etc. is the total elemental resistance of the target
    • Again: the base resistance of all entities is always 1.0 (= 100% damage dealt) by default, if you modify it, the modifier is added on-top.
    • Example 1: with a +0.05 buff, the resistance of a entity would be 105%
    • Example 2: With a +0.05 buff and a -0.10 equipment, the resistance would be 95%
  • Create as many elements as you like, you can also use them for “Sharp” or “Blunt” damage. Note: Elements have not stats by themselves.
  • All monsters, players, pets etc. can now feature Elemental Resistances by default.
  • All weapons, equipment, buffs and skills now feature Elemental settings.
  • For weapons and skills you primarily assign a “Elemental Attack” by selecting one of your elements.
  • For equipment (armor) and buffs you primarily assign one or more “Elemental Resistances” by selecting one element and a % factor.
  • The value for “Elemental Resistance” will increase the resistance against this element, or set it to negative to decrease resistance.

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