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Version: 2019.100 Requirements:uMMORPG2d, ToolsScript Define: _IMMODBCLEANER
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


Keep your Database nice and tidy with this Addon! This Addon will trigger a database cleanup process each time your server is launched. It works with Host+Play as well as on dedicated Server and does not require any manual action.

  • Concipied for the default mySQLite database system.
  • Remove inactive players (who did not log in) after X days.
  • Remove banned players after X days.
  • Remove empty accounts (with 0 characters on them).
  • Removes data from all associated tables as well (not just the characters table, but also inventory, quests, skills etc.)
  • Will also cleanup the tables used by my UCE AddOns as well.


  1. [Required] Assign UCE_Tmpl_DatabaseCleaner to Database Cleaner on Network Manager.
  2. [Optional] Modify the settings on UCE_Tmpl_DatabaseCleaner.



  • The cleaning process is really just triggered on server launch, there is no timed interval while the server is running. This saves a lot of overhead. As all MMOs require regular updates and maintenance, it was the best (and simplest) solution to perform the database cleaning this way.
  • Please note that there can be only and ever exactly one SimpleDatabaseCleaner Scriptable Object in your whole project. If you accidentally delete your SimpleDatabaseCleaner scriptable object, right click while inside your SimpleDailyRewards folder, choose “Create” and select “New SimpleDatabaseCleaner” to create a fresh Scriptable Object.
  • You can add additional character and/or account related tables by editing the corresponding fields in the inspector as well. Only enter new tables provided by AddOns here, as the DatabaseCleaner already takes care of all the default uMMORPG tables.

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