Cursed Equipment

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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:None
Core Changes:YesTutorial Video:No


Allows any kind of equipment item – once equipped – to be un-equipable by normal means. Requires to visit a UCE NPC Healer in order to remove cursed items for a fee again.

Core Changes

  1. [Required] Open the following script Player.cs. See Changes...

    Comment Out/Delete this:
    void OnDragAndDrop_EquipmentSlot_InventorySlot(int[] slotIndices)
            // slotIndices[0] = slotFrom; slotIndices[1] = slotTo
            CmdSwapInventoryEquip(slotIndices[1], slotIndices[0]); // reversed
  2. [Required] Open the following script EquipmentItem.cs. See Changes...

    Comment Out/Delete this:
        // can we equip this item into this specific equipment slot?
        public bool CanEquip(Player player, int inventoryIndex, int equipmentIndex)
            string requiredCategory = player.equipmentInfo[equipmentIndex].requiredCategory;
            return base.CanUse(player, inventoryIndex) &&
                   requiredCategory != "" &&


  1. [Required] Simply create a new equipment item or edit the existing ones.
  2. [Optional] Check out the new cursed item options and their tooltips for more information.
  3. [Optional] Combine with “UCE Healer” AddOn to provide a way of removing cursed equipment again.



  • Cursed Level – When greater than zero, this item is cursed and cannot be removed by normal means.
  • Override Curse Level – This item can replace a cursed item when its override level is equal or greater than the cursed items curse level.
  • NullsAllCurses – while this item is equipped, the curse levels of all other items equipped by the player are overwriten to be 0.
  • A message is added to the log if a cursed item cannot be un-equipped by the player, you can edit that message on each item individually.
  • Be careful when a item overrides its own curse leve – it will always be removeable/replaceable by itself (for example 5/6 – can be replaced/unequipped by itself).

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