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Version: 2019.100 Requirements:uMMORPG2d, ToolsScript Define:_IMMOCRAFTING
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


A replacement for the default crafting system. Allows learning recipes, accessing craftstations, variable ingredient amount, variable result items and more.


  1. [Required] Add all objects from “Required UI” to your Canvas via drag-n-drop.
  2. [Required] Make sure not to put them into another object.
  3. [Required] In “CraftingUnlearn” assign the “UCE UI CraftingPanel” to the “parent Panel” slot.
  4. [Required] Add everything from this AddOns “Prefabs [Drag to Scene]” folder to your Scene and/or Prefabs.
  5. [Optional] Edit the properties of each workbench in the Inspector. Especially the “Profession Skill” found at the very bottom of the Inspector.
  6. [Required] Move the from this AddOns Resources > Items folder into your projects main Resources > Items folder.
  7. [Required] Do not keep a duplicate item of the same name and use only one Resources folder in your project.
  8. [Optional] You can create new items via the context menu Items > UCE Profession Item
  9. [Required] Add the “Resources > UCE Crafts” folder to your projects main Resources via drag-n-drop.
  10. [Required] Add the “Resources > UCE Recipes” folder to your projects main Resources via drag-n-drop.
  11. [Required] Do not keep duplicate objects of the same name and use only one Resources folder in your project.
  12. [Optional] Edit your player prefab and add one or more “Learn Craft” Items to it (found in Items folder) to it.
  13. [Optional] Edit your player prefab and add default recipes to it.
  14. [Optional] Test your game and access a workbench of the same type to craft the recipes just learned. Hover over the recipe to see ingredients and requirements. Once you got everything, start crafting by clicking on the recipe.



  • Tools: Tools can improve the crafting process (alter duration and success chances) but can also be set to break at a certain chance.
  • Boosters: Boosters are just like tools that improve the crafting process and can be consumed when doing so. The player has to tick the “Use Boosters” checkbox before crafting and requires enough boosters to match the amount of items the player wants to craft.
  • Several things are required for crafting in order to work properly: Workbench with a crafting profession requirement on it, a character with that profession learned, at least one recipe that matches the profession (also learned by the character) and all ingredients for the recipe in order to craft it.
  • You can edit the crafting tooltip by editing UCE_UI_Slot_Crafting prefab. Its in the prefabs folder
  • You can set a recipe category now for each recipe. This allows players to filter the recipes at a workbench, while accessing it.
  • Check your player prefabs for recipes learned by default (players start the game with those you put there).
  • When creating a new “Learn Recipe Item”, that item can learn multiple recipes at once.
  • When accessing a workbench, you can filter the list of recipes shown now by category.
  • Players have the option to “unlearn” a recipe again, at a workbench. Text message can be edited in UI window.
  • If you need more category buttons, edit the UI and copy-paste a button. The script does the rest. You must create enough buttons to match the category with the most sub-categories. When a category has less entries, the obsolete buttons are hidden automatically.

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