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Version:1.177Requirements:uMMORPG3dScript Define:All
Core Changes:YesTutorial Video:No


This is a bundle of all UCE Addons for uMMORPG version 1.177. You will need to have a new version of uMMORPG 1.177 installed to use this bundle.

Installation Before Importing

  1. [ATTENTION] You must do all removals before importing the UCE Bundle or you will have a bunch of problems! You also must not have any other UCE addon installed when beginning this process. This is for a fresh uMMORPG only!
  2. [Required] Remove the following folders from under the Prefabs folder: Entities, ItemModels, SkillEffects
  3. [Required] Remove the AddonExample.cs script from the uMMORPG Addons folder.
  4. [Required] Remove the UsableItem.cs script from the uMMORPG Scripts folder under ScriptableItems.
  5. [Required] Remove the CameraMMO.cs script from the uMMORPG Scripts folder.
  6. [Required] Remove the UISkillbar.cs script from the uMMORPG Scripts folder under UI.
  7. [Required] Go to Edit > Project Settings > Player > Other Settings then find Scripting Define Symbols and paste this in there:
  8. [Required] Go to Edit > Project Settings > Physics > Layer Collision Matrix and on the left find Ignore Raycast and follow it right to the point where it intersects with Monster and check the box.
  9. [Optional] Remove the folder called Unity Essentials – 3D Game Kit as it is no longer used.
  10. [Required] Now import the Bundle unitypackage into your project. Wait a bit until the import process is finished.

Installation After Importing

  1. [Required] Go to NetworkManager in your Hierarchy and click on it. Find the button labeled Search and add network prefabs click it.
  2. [Required] Rebake your navmesh.

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