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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:_IMMOBINDPOINT
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


Adds a new NPC option that allows players to bind their respawn position to any transform (you set this up in the NPC itself). After being defeated the player can choose to either respawn at the default location (closest respawn point) or at the current bindpoint. Also adds areas that bind to a new point when entering and items that can be used to teleport back to the current bindpoint (if any is set).


  1. [Required] Add “UCE_UI_Bindpoint” to your Canvas.
  2. [Required] Add “UCE_UI_Bindpoint_NpcDialogue” as new component to default NpcDialogue in Canvas.
  3. [Required] Add “ButtonBindpoint” to default Npc Dialouge and link it.
  4. [Required] Add “UCE_UI_Bindpoint_RespawnDialogue” as new component to default Respawn panel in Canvas.
  5. [Required] Add “ButtonRespawnToBindpoint” to default Respawn Panel and link it.


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