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Version: 2019.200 Requirements:uMMORPG3d, ToolsScript Define:None
Core Changes:NoTutorial Video:No


A chat command based admin console. Its not a beauty, but its very powerful: Customizeable, Scriptable, Extendable Commands. Nominate/Demote Admins on the fly, add Admin levels, admin level based commands, commands that target individual players or parties, guilds. Ships with over a dozen admin commands.

Offers a chat command based admin interface that allows players with admin rights to perform special actions. To use the console, any admin can simply type special commands into the chat, like this:

  • /giveItem t iMMO 1 Sun Sword

Which will give the online (t)arget player (Fhiz) (1) (Sun Sword) Item. The syntax can be seen in the command scriptable objects and it is also explained in the info box, when an admin types it wrong.

Using the targeting system, an admin can also target a command at more than one (online) player:

  • /giveItem g Admins 1 Health Potion

This will give all online (g)uild members of the (Admins) guild (1) (Health Potion) each.

Despite the lack of a graphical user interace, this AddOn is very powerful:

  • Trigger admin actions based on admin rights.
  • Target one, more or all online players.
  • Secure validation and execution, also in dedicated.
  • Commands are customizable, also for non-programmers.
  • Commands are extendable, for programmers.
  • Ships with the following commands by default:
    • BanPlayer
    • DeletePlayer
    • GetPlayerInfo
    • GiveCoins
    • GiveExp
    • GiveGold
    • GiveItem
    • KickPlayer
    • KillPlayer
    • SetAdmin
    • SummonMonster
    • TeleportPlayer
    • UnbanPlayer
    • UndeletePlayer
    • UnsummonMonster
    • SendMessage


  1. [Required] Move the “Resources -> Commands” folder to your projects resources.
  2. [Required] Add “UCE_AdministrationConsole” to each one of your player prefabs.
  3. [Required] In the new component, open and edit “Commands” on each one:
    • Add enough elements to match amount of commands in Commands folder
    • Assign each command to one element slot
  4. [Required] A bit further downwards, edit the “Target Tags” like this:
    • enter “t” for Player (or any other string you like)
    • enter “p” for Party (or any other string you like)
    • enter “g” for Guild (or any other string you like)
    • enter “r” for Realm (or any other string you like)
    • enter “a” for All (or any other string you like)
  5. [Optional] Take a look at the screenshot below, how the Console script should look after you are finished editing it (sorry, there is no easier way currently)



  • ATTENTION: The very first account you create, will always be your Master Admin account. This one has the highest admin level and is able to upgrade or downgrade other players to admins.
  • ATTENTION: Almost all actions the admins can do, target only ONLINE PLAYERS, it is not possible yet to add items to offline players inventory for example!
  • ATTENTION: There is a hidden problem in the uMMORPG3d core asset that prevents characters from being deleted. It overwrites the deleted entry all the time and there is no easy fix for this yet. It is located in Database.cs file in CharacterSave.

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