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Relatively easy as long as you don’t use the AddOns for something bad.

  • Both for personal and commercial use.
  • Not allowed to share to the public or non VIP members.
  • Not allowed to re-sell them.
  • Not allowed to modify and re-sell them.

Its okay to upload modified versions to our discord in the channel #vip-uploads-mods. Its okay to modify the AddOns for personal / commercial use in your own projects.


Never, ever share the AddOn links, the packaged AddOns or the raw AddOn source to non-Patrons or Patrons of lower tiers. Doing this will slowly but for sure decompose the whole AddOn Endeavour and finally make us quit.

A community-member who is violating these rules will be expelled from the community and permanently banned from both Discord and Patreon. A DCMA complaint will be placed against any public download site where the AddOns are made available. In addition we are able to enforce international law if required.

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