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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do I need to create a small MMO?A: There are several solutions out there but the fastest and cheapest aproach (for a small game that is) is the following:• Unity Engine (free)• uMMORPG3d asset (paid)• UCE AddOns (paid – you will require the paid patron subscription, as it gives you access to all […]

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Scripting Define Symbols

Unity can act strange at times, especially when using lots of assets in one project. Our AddOns for example use “Scripting Define Symbols” a lot, in order to detect if another AddOn is installed or not. Sometimes, this causes a lockup as Unity is looking for such a “Scripting Define Symbol” before the AddOn had […]

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Common Mistakes & Practices

Here is a list of common Unity/uMMORPG mistakes and how to avoid/solve them: 1. Scripting Define Symbols Sometimes, when importing AddOns there are red errors in the console, even though there are no errors in the script. This could be because of Scripting Define Symbols not refreshed properly. Check out our other blog post for […]

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