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Account Unlockables

Allows players to use an item to unlock a variety of things (interaction requirement on teleporters, shops etc). The unlockables affect all characters on the account and are permanently saved. The most interesting use for this is buyable “expansion packs” that allow unlocking teleporters to new areas of the game (and that for all characters […]

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Guild Warehouse

Adds a “Guild Warehouse” to the game. Players must be in a Guild to access and only guild members can deposit/withdraw items and gold to/from the warehouse. This allows players to share items across their guild members. Compatible with the “Player Warehouse”. Installation 3d       Download 3d      uMMORPG 3d Ready Installation […]


A full replacement for the default Quest system with lots of new and extra functionality. It offers over a dozen of quest types with varying quest targets and customizable rewards. You will have to replace all of your quests, as you can only use the new quest system and not both. Installation 3d     […]


A replacement for the default crafting system. Allows learning recipes, accessing craft stations, variable ingredient amount, variable result items, crafting recipes, crafting professions, profession levels experience, recipe learning, etc. Installation 3d       Download 3d      uMMORPG 3d Ready Installation 2d       Download 2d      uMMORPG 2d Ready


Allows to add and remove friends. Invite friends to parties and/or guilds. Combine with Honor Shop to “hug” friends once every X hours. Hugging grants you a small bonus in the form of an Honor Currency (customizable). Is the hugged player online, he or she will receive also a bit of currency in return. Installation […]


Adds Faction rankings to NPCs, Monsters, and Quests. Allows various restrictions or benefits by faction ranking. Faction ranking is influenced by attacking Monsters and/or Players of specific factions and/or fulfilling faction specific quests. Installation 3d       Download 3d      uMMORPG 3d Ready Installation 2d       Download 2d      uMMORPG […]

Admin Console Commands

A chat command-based admin console. It’s not a beauty, but it’s very powerful: Customizable, Scriptable, Extendable Commands. Nominate/Demote Admins on the fly, add Admin levels, admin level based commands, commands that target individual players or parties, guilds. Ships with over a dozen admin commands. Installation 3d       Download 3d      uMMORPG 3d […]


Adds a complex Mount system, that will allow players to ride mounts and travel the map at increased speed. Mounts are summoned by using a special item and can be unsummoned using that item as well. Mount follow the player like a pet while unmounted, feature configuration options and are able to attack enemies while […]

Honor Shop

A new type of shop that can be added to NPCS. Uses customizable currencies like crystals, PVP badges or tokens. Monsters, Players, and Pets can reward these new currencies but only do so if certain criteria are met (like only monsters of hostile realms). This allows you to create Honor Shops, Guild Shops, PvP Shops […]

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Adds a harvesting system featuring resources nodes and harvesting professions. Includes depletable resources, harvest success rates as well as harvesting requirements, professions, profession experience, and profession levels. Installation 3d       Download 3d      uMMORPG 3d Ready Installation 2d       Download 2d      uMMORPG 2d Ready