AddOns for uMMORPG3d 1.158

I develop AddOns for uMMORPG3d that add all the typical MMO features to the core asset.

How to get:

· You can get about 40 AddOns for free from my Discord.

· The other 60+ AddOns are for VIP users only.

· You pledge via Patreon (subscription fee) to get VIP access.

· This project is entirely Discord driven, the Patreon also connects to Discord.

Important Note:

· My AddOns are compatible up to uMMORPG3d version 1.158 and will not be updated beyond that version for a very long time.

· Better keep a backup version of uMMORPG3d 1.158 at hand.

· If you want to use newer uMMORPG3d versions and my AddOns, you are encouraged to maintain the updates yourself.


MAJOR VIP ADDONs (excerpt)

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MINOR VIP ADDONs (excerpt)

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FREE ADDONs (excerpt)

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