Welcome to the AddOns!

We create both FREE and VIP AddOns for the famous Unity Asset “uMMORPG3d”. This asset allows you to create your very own Indie MMORPG with little coding knowledge. All MMO projects require lots of features and thats what our AddOns provide. Each AddOn adds a new feature to the uMMORPG3d core asset. You can choose any number of AddOns – or even all – to integrate them into your game project.

Many AddOns are offered for free, but the bigger and better ones require a subscription via the Patreon platform. Once subscribed, you gain access to all AddOns of up to your chosen tier. You also gain access to both updates and support via our Discord channel. The subscription is a monthly fee, but you can keep all source code if you decide to unsubscribe.

A subscription model has been chosen, because MMOs are huge projects (even Indie MMO’s) that require a lot of features, support, bug fixes and updates in order to make all AddOns as stable and feature-rich as possible. This is hard work and requires a lot time – which therefore simply asks for a compensation.