Welcome to our free uMMORPG3d AddOns !

This website provides you with free AddOns for the popular Unity3d asset uMMORPG3d. From the publishers website:

uMMORPG is a simple and powerful Unity MMORPG Solution that contains all the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game core features, all built with Unity’s own UNET Networking system.

We recommend the following for best experience using our AddOns:

  • uMMORPG3d (AddOns are currently only available for the 3d version)
  • The latest version of the HLAPI CE (free).
  • Any Unity3d LTS Version (we strongly recommend the LTS versions over any other!)

We provide all AddOns and regular updates free of charge. Should you use them in your project, please consider donating. This will also motivate us to support and update AddOns as well as create new ones:

Finally, as a start: All of my AddOns require the Tools AddOn. So you should install that one first: